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Dear MFVF friends,
The 12th edition of the MFVF is creeping on us and the excitement is at its peak!
Here is our 1st contest to win a private meet and greets with one of our 2 Headliners : Leaves’ Eyes or Therion

1) you must appear on the picture
2) MFVF logo/image must appear on the picture (poster, merch, ticket,…). Be creative and think out of the box,
3) Tag in the picture the band you wish to do the Meet and Greets with! Leaves’ Eyes Official or Therion . 1 band per picture!!!!

Let the game begin!!!!!!!!

Extra info :
- Here are some sample pictures as example to give you some ideas.
- Our secret judges will be haunting facebook for the next few days so make sure to share your Selfie on facebook, all the pages and groups appropriate for this competition!
- You will be judged on your creativity, likes and impact on facebook of your Selfie!
- A winner will be picked for each of the band and contacted by the MFVF Team.
- You MUST be the holder of a valid ticket to have access to the festival on the appropriate day of the meet and Greets! (VIP, Combi, single or gold tickets)
- Only 1 person and 1 band per Selfie! but you can publish more than one Selfie per person if you wish to try something different.

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